Examination of questioned handwriting, signatures and documents

Forensic handwriting, signature and document examination undertaken by an experienced expert witness with more than 15 years' experience of criminal and civil casework. I am based in the West Midlands but will accept work from all areas of the UK and further afield.

Instructions are accepted from solicitors, companies and other organisations. Instructions funded by Legal Aid may be accepted. My service comprises:

  • Free initial advice to assess suitability of documents

  • Professional forensic document examination

  • Peer-review of findings by another experienced expert

  • Part 35 court-compliant reports

  • Presentation of expert evidence at court

Forensic document examiner, questioned handwriting

I am a fully-trained forensic document examiner and not a graphologist. Graphology is a means of analysing handwriting to interpret the personality of the author. More information about the two approaches is available here.