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Fees and Timescales

Contact us for initial advice prior to instruction.


  • Please provide brief details about the examination required, with copies of documents by email, if possible.

  • An estimate of cost based on an hourly rate will be provided before formal instructions are accepted.

  • The estimate will include the full examination and preparation of a court-compliant report. 

  • The estimate and Terms of Business must be accepted in writing before the examination is started. 

  • Occasionally it may be possible to agree a budget for a case, or to provide staged invoices. This must be agreed in advance. 

  • An invoice will be provided once the examination and report are complete.

  • Payment is required within 30 days.

  • Instructions are occasionally accepted from private individuals; in such cases, full payment is requested in advance of the examination. 

  • Payment is required by bank transfer or cheque; card payments cannot be accepted. 

  • For solicitors it is requested that payment is obtained on account from the client at the time of instruction, to avoid any delays in settling the final invoice.

  • The turnaround for cases is approximately 1 - 2 weeks from receipt of instructions and all necessary documents.

  • We will aim to meet court deadlines; please provide a copy of any relevant court orders as soon possible.

  • Urgent casework may be accepted, subject to an increased hourly rate.

  • A retainer fee may be requested for cases requiring a 24 - 48 hour turnaround. 

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