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How we work

Contact us for initial advice prior to instruction.

Stage 1: Initial Enquiry

Please provide a brief overview of the circumstances of the case and the documents that are in dispute.


We do not need to know all of the background to the case.


Initially, we would prefer to view copies of the documents by email, so that we can assess their suitability for examination before you send any original documents.


At this stage scanned images or photographs are acceptable.


Please note that a 'quick scan' saved as a pdf is unlikely to be suitable for a full examination. 

We will advise you as to what sample documents may be required for a comparison and provide you with an accurate quotation for completion of the work and preparation of a report.


Attendance at court will be subject to additional charges.

Stage 2: Case Submission

Wherever possible, please include the following in an email or letter of instruction:

  • Full contact details

  • Brief circumstances of the case including names and ages of all writers and any relevant medical conditions or influencing factors.

  • List of documents submitted, clearly indicating which documents are in dispute and which are of known origin. 

  • Details of examinations carried out by any other handwriting experts and copies of relevant reports.

  • Any relevant deadlines or court dates.

  • Confirmation that you agree to the fees and terms.

  • Confirmation of any prior authority from the LAA.

Instructions as a single joint expert must be agreed by both parties. 


Please use Royal Mail SPECIAL DELIVERY post to ensure full tracking; provide the tracking reference as soon as you have posted your documents. ​

Stage 3: Documents Required

Original documents must be submitted, where available.

Scans of documents should be at least 300dpi and saved as image files.


Please note that a 'quick scan' saved as a pdf is unlikely to be suitable for a full examination. 

Please preserve the integrity of all documents.


Do not introduce any unnecessary folds, stickers, tape, staples or indented impressions of writing.


Place the documents between two pieces of card and write on the envelope before you place them inside.


Try not to expose the documents to extreme lighting, damp or other extreme environments.

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