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  • Elisabeth Briggs

Recent forensic document and handwriting cases #1

As forensic document examiners we accept many different types of forensic document and handwriting cases in civil & criminal proceedings.

Casework completed in early 2024 includes:

Examination of a disputed signature on a Land Registry TR1 Form - the original form was not available but from the copy provided, differences were identified between the questioned signature and known examples to provide a qualified opinion about authorship.

Comparison of documents for evidence of a 'cut and paste' or transposed signature - using the principle that no two signatures from a writer will ever be identical, Adobe Photoshop was used to superimpose the two signatures and showed that one of the documents was a composite.

Anonymous letters - handwriting on the letters was compared with reference handwriting from a suspect, with evidence to show that the same writer was responsible for writing the letters.

Examination of a disputed signature on a Will - the original Will was obtained directly from the Probate Registry and compared with examples of the testator's signature. Similarities were found between the signature on the Will and the known signatures and provided evidence to show that the questioned signature was genuine.

Examination of a document to confirm whether it was written in original ink or was a photocopy - microscopic examination of the handwritten details showed that they were completed in ballpoint pen ink and the document was an original.

Hire Agreements - disputed signatures on various hire documents were compared with genuine samples from the individual. The signatures were scribbled but some showed similarities to each other and to the genuine samples and allowed a qualified opinion regarding their authenticity.

Attendance at court - Lis attended the Central London County Court to provide evidence in a civil case relating to disputed signatures.

Handwriting expert surrounded by documents


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