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  • Elisabeth Briggs

What sort of cases can a Forensic Document Examiner accept?

Instructions are generally received from solicitors in civil cases although some work comes from the criminal defence field. However companies, local government bodies and even foreign courts have been known to use the services of QD Examiner!

Assorted documents and forms
Forensic document examination

Here are a few examples of recent forensic document cases:

  • Comparison of a testator’s signature on a disputed Will to determine whether or not it was genuine

  • Examination of a Deed to determine whether or not a page had been substituted

  • Examination of signatures on multiple business documents to determine whether they were written by the ‘correct’ person

  • Comparison of a signature on a Land Registry TR1 form to determine whether or not it was genuine

  • Comparison of handwritten letters with samples to determine whether they were written by one person

  • Examination of a handwritten entry on the frame of some artwork to determine whether it could have been written by the ‘famous’ painter

  • Comparison of writing on a historical document with known documents held by the British Library to determine whether the same political writer was responsible

I am happy to provide advice about potential submissions and the suitability of documents for examination.

Sometimes an examination is simply not feasible, and I will always advise if this is the case.

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Nov 30, 2023

Excelent post!

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